Canadian Council of Indian Muslims

Social empowerment through education


Who We Are

Canadian Council of Indian Muslims (CCIM) is a non-profit organization that aims to unify Canadian Muslims of Indian origin under one umbrella. Our efforts are primarily focused on cultivating peace and justice by engaging people and bridge religious and cultural differences through collaborative work for the good of communities and the world.

Some of our key initiatives include youth development, religious solidarity, career guidance and sports development.

With our various social programs, CCIM aims to create a bridge between India and Canada, and improve the socio-economic standards of the poor and oppressed. We strive to collaborate with other organizations and amplify the impact of our programs.


Empowerment through education and awareness.


  • Organize events emphasizing and promoting Indian Muslim culture and traditions.
  • Contribute and support towards the welfare of communities at large.
  • Execute programs in fields of education, civic engagement, employment and recreation that could empower minority communities.
  • Conduct programs focusing on mental, physical and spiritual health of youth, women, elderly and the vulnerable section of the society.
  • Provide a voice and support in addressing social justice issues for Muslims of Indian Origin.
  • To be an umbrella body for organizations helping Muslims of Indian origin in Canada.
  • To provide a collaborative platform for entrepreneurship, networking, research and professional development for Muslims of Indian Origin in Canada.


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Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors